Former Bitcoin Developer Settles Defamation Lawsuit Accusing Him of „Raping

Peter Todd, a former Bitcoin Core developer, has settled a defamation suit against cryptographer Isis Lovecruft, who accused Todd of being a rapist in a tweet published in February 2019.

The terms of the settlement will see the lawsuit withdrawn without any monetary compensation in exchange for Lovecruft issuing a statement „clarifying that it is not true (as they have never claimed) that Todd raped or sexually assaulted them personally. Lovecruft uses the English pronouns „they/them“ and his name as a pseudonym.

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Allegations of sexual assault by Jane Doe
In February 2019, Lovecruft published a tweet calling Peter Todd and two other cryptographers „rapists“.

In the proceedings that followed, Todd filed a libel suit in April 2019, Lovecruft claimed that Todd made „explicit verbal advances“ toward them during conferences and meetings in 2014.

Lovecruft also submitted an exhibit that included screenshots of a signaling message exchange in which an anonymous woman named „Jane Doe“ claimed to have been raped by Todd.

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Lovecruft is not obliged to retract the statements
The terms of the agreement between Todd and Lovecruft were made on June 3, and the final written agreement was drafted on June 10.

According to a publication by Lovecruft’s legal defense in its Gofundme campaign to cover legal costs, as part of the settlement, Todd „agreed not to pursue legal action against any third party identified or named in the lawsuit“ regarding his actions related to the lawsuit.

Lovecruft agreed to waive the attorneys‘ fees related to the successful anti-SLAPP motion they filed in the middle of last year, a form of litigation intended to prevent meritless lawsuits from stifling public discourse. The terms of the settlement do not require Lovecruft to withdraw, eliminate or retract any statements.

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Repeating the accusations
But Lovecruft seems to have repeated his accusations against Todd, after having published a tweet alleging once again that „Peter Todd is a rapist“ despite having declared that „he didn’t rape me“.